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Oilfield operations become more complex and need closer monitoring than they were in the past. Tailored solutions with a most economical approach is vital in today’s conditions. From pipe sticking to stability problems, mud contamination to hole deviation, a special care should be continuously given in order not to end up with extreme budgets.

After the years spent in most difficult oilfield environments from U.S. to Middle East, Caspian to Europe, South East Asia to North Africa; and with the full awareness of problems, we know what precautions must be taken to provide a trouble-free environment for our clients. That is why REDWOOD engineering team created the RED-X Integrated Solutions concept.

REDWOOD Integrated Solutions is giving specific answers to all kind of operational problems on a performance-based approach and tracking them down to end. With the most reliable partners specialized from down hole tools, oilfield chemicals to coiled tubing operations in the industry a full focus holistic approach of our engineers, we are becoming your long-term operational partner throughout your projects.

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