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Wellbore instability is one of the major challenges of the during drilling process. Problems in wellbore stability occurs for a variety of reasons and may result erosion cause poor cement job, difficulties running casing and lost circulation. Results of wellbore instability may also include pack-offs and differential sticking leading to highly costly side-tracks.

Wellbore stability has two main considerations. First, the mechanical aspects of stability which are the stresses and pressures acting on the bore hole and the ability of the hole to resist such stresses; second, instability resulting from physicochemical interactions between the drilling fluid and the shale.

REDWOOD OILFIELD offers variety of solutions to provide stable wellbores such as:

  • Specially Designed Reamers & Roller Reamers:

Improve the hole shape and quality. Minimize torque and increase the smoothness of the well bore which reduce the casing running time.

  • Wellbore Strength Drilling Fluid Additives:

Low invasion drilling fluid additives provide effective barrier at the wellbore which promotes easy drill of unstable and mechanically weak formations.

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